How Would You Do It?

This is my first blog, in fact this website is my first real presence on the internet. If you were me, and I was… well… not me, what would you write about? What words could possibly portray you as your first impression to the web? What if you made a mistake, would you recover? Then with a little time to think and maybe even some realization you would probably ask; will this ever be read by anyone? Even though it is finally out there, out there for everyone, anyone, to see, will they look? There is a so much else to look at, other blogs, posts, comments, and opinions bouncing around the web. However these are not issues you need to worry about, those questions are mine and in fact, you are not me. With the rush of worries and question past I can return to what matters; what should I write about? With a quick search you could find dozens of options to help you make up your mind. Many would suggest writing about what you know, but that’s not very helpful, at this point I would hope that I already know that. Then some might just suggest time, and that is one suggestion I would listen to. Time allows your mind to work on a project even when you are distracted with other things. It provides prospective and distance from the work and often helps you see the big picture. I am not advocating procrastination, however it is often equally destructive to attempt and complete a large project without time to think about it. Some people break it down into steps, each step with its own allotted time. There are some fields where the steps used should take less time as you learn them, math for example is one such field. Writing is not, whether you use the steps from your high school English teacher or just allow the right amount time, the time it takes you when creating your best writing should not greatly vary. I find it can be important to balance any kind of work with rest (I am assuming the work is mental and not physical in nature). I’m not sure I would have made it through high school if we didn’t have short breaks between classes. They weren’t long, but effective, so remember the next time you sit down to a large project (It only has to be large in your eyes). Stop every once and awhile, walk down the hall, wave to your friends and forget about everything you left in the classroom, just for a minute. 


(Photo above: My desk where I work and then take my short breaks to look out the window at wildlife or, more often, just the view)

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