Short Fiction

I enjoy writing, and sometimes when I have time, I do

I love PIE

“Wow this is the best meal I have ever had!” That’s what I wanted to say, but I just couldn’t bring myself to open my mouth, there was apple pie occupying it. After eating that delicious dinner I didn’t think I had room for pie, but I was proven wrong. When we all finished eating I was ready to head home. I said my goodbyes and headed for the door, but before I could leave a wonderful aroma found its way to my nose, Blueberry pie. Suddenly it was all I could think about, calmly and with purpose I turned and inquired about the math homework as if it had just popped into my head. After heading back into the house for a minute and talking about math I made my way to the bathroom, the bathroom next to the kitchen. When I exited the bathroom I realized I was alone with the pie, quickly I snatched it up and ran for my car. Driving away as fast as I could I failed to notice the police officer waiting around the corner to ambush me. I pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the police officer to approach, but then I saw the pie. As the officer approached I glared at him in my mirror as I locked my doors, I had realized the true meaning of this stop and he would never have my pie! They must have called it in, the pie thief in the blue car, there was only one thing to do, I had to eat the pie before it was forever lost. Crawling in the back of the car the knocks on the window increased and I could hear a stern and increasingly loud voice. That was unimportant. Taking my fist bite of pie, I felt as if heaven had descended upon me. As I savored my last taste of freedom, I heard a terrible sound as my car alarm rang for the whole neighborhood to hear. I quickly finished the pie. It was just in time as I felt cold hands drag me out into the brisk night air with the faint sound of voices trying to speak to me ranging in my ears, I had but one question; was their pie in prison?



The Explorer – Finding Friends

It’s always the same, it doesn’t matter how many times I have stood here. I fell her arms wrapping around me and then I hugged her back, as I walked through the checkpoints I continually looked back at her. So gorgeous standing there, she almost made me reconsider my trip, leaving her is always the hardest part. Before I knew it I was on the plane and the ground was getting smaller and left with nothing to do, I decided to take a nap. The captain woke me, we were there, “well nap-times over” I thought and even almost said it out loud, but I didn’t because this time there wasn’t anyone listening.

I found my bag and headed out, when I opened the door and stepped into the beating sun, I stopped there for a minute taking in the view, my first impression of Egypt, it’s too bad it was alone. I picked up my rental car and, after getting lost a couple of times, found my motel. Settling into my motel, I took out my map and planned the day to come. I would leave early to get a good start on my long drive to the site, but then I thought, maybe I’ll just sleep in a bit.

The next day when I hit the road I was feeling good, thinking of old times, as if this was just another adventure. As night fell I looked up; the first night under the stars is always exiting. I have to remember to enjoy them before I get used to them. In the morning it was so cold I didn’t want to leave my sleeping bag, it also didn’t help that my breakfast was also cold. When I finally got back on the road I estimated I would get in late that night, but looking out the window I realized the views through these remote parts of Egypt just might make the rest of the drive bearable.

When I finally got there I couldn’t wait till morning, I was so excited to see him again. I grabbed my flashlight and went down into the structure. It was dark and I was a little on edge wondering if anyone was here, no one should be, at least I think not. After yelling into the dark a couple of times I was satisfied, and proceeded further in. I followed the instructions and walked straight to the back wall where I, in fact, did find a door. To my surprise someone had blown the door open, all that research he must have put into find out how to open it, ruined. I thought of how he must have been disappointed finding this. I looked down at my instructions then proceeded to enter the room. As I wove the dim light from my flashlight around the room I began to get worried. Everything had been removed. However looking back down at the small hand drawn map I proceeded anyway. Carefully I walked to the far end of the room, following the instructions to the letter, I proceed to apply pressure to the wall.

My heart sank in sorrow, then it tuned to anger, and I began kicking the wall. Finally I let out a great yell cursing the wall and all the hope I had been given. After a few minutes of despair, I attempted to compose myself as I reexamined the small hand drawn map. The thought occurred to me that the map I held could be somewhat off, it was after all hand drawn. I proceeded up and down the wall banging it as my hands became more and more bruised, then the wall shifted. I stopped, I couldn’t dare move, was this it, could this be what I came for? I slowly picked up my flashlight and with it dimly exposing the shapes within, I reached my hand forward and grabbed it.

I don’t actually know what it is, but it looks like gold and even might have some symbols on it. My excitement skyrocketed, if this is real, if it is, this could be big. However I was surprised though, I had expected to find some clue to where he went, a note, a letter, something. I was under the impression we were meeting up, I know he hid this for me, but is this all I came for? Is this all I am useful for; fetching his discoveries? I was once more, couldn’t I be again? Even as these doubts brought me down I couldn’t help but wonder if he wanted me to find something else here, but I only found this golden relic? Could that really be the only reason I came all the way to Egypt?

In the morning I looked around, I search the area for at least half the day, inside and out. Inside everything was gone, two rooms, eight walls and nothing else, outside just lots and lots of sand. Finally I gave up and began my long trek home. Someday, hopefully I might just find out where he went, and then as my spirits began to lift, it hit me. Could the relic be a clue to where he went? Yes that’s where I’ll start.




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